Since 2003 TOCA ME design conference brings together some of the most outstanding designers from all over the world.  They present their artworks ranging from the fields of graphic and web design to coding, motion graphics or interactive installations.

„COEVAL CIRCUIT“ is the title design for Toca Me 2015 – a cooperation by Jörg Fuchs, Michael Knaf, Jan Schöttler and Phuong Herzer.


Direction/Edit: Jörg Fuchs
Concept: Michael Knaf, Jörg Fuchs, Jan Schöttler
Shoot: Jörg Fuchs, Michael Knaf, Jan Schöttler, Phuong Herzer
Graphics: Jörg Fuchs, Michael Knaf
Musik: Audionerve

Additional Footage by Mitch Martinez –